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Info about the floods in Intercomm Foods' region in Larissa (EN) (14/09/2023)

As many of you may already be aware from international media reports, Greece has been struck by extreme weather phenomena of unparallel intensity and duration in the history of Europe.

This extreme devastating weather event, emblematic of the global climatic changes we are all witnessing, has heavily impacted the region of Thessaly. Major cities including Volos, Karditsa, Trikala and especially Larissa, where our Company, Intercomm Foods, is located, are suffering enormous damages. The floodwaters have affected numerous homes, farms, and factories, including ours.

We remain deeply committed to the safety of our people and to our duty to our valued customers and suppliers. Thankfully all our people are safe. We are in continuous communication with local authorities, working diligently to assess and evaluate the extent of the damage and plan the next steps.

Given the evolving nature of this situation, we will be keeping you updated as we get clearer insight of the situation over the coming days, including our expected timeline to resume operations. For the time being, it is not feasible to run the scheduled production and loading plans, however we are already working on alternative options and your contact person will inform you the soonest possible.

In these challenging times, we appreciate the solidarity and understanding of our global community of Partners. Rest assured, we will navigate these challenges with resilience, hoping for a swift return to normalcy for all affected Parties.



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