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From the tree to your table…

RECEIVING THE RAW MATERIAL: Farmers all over Greece bring their best-selected olives to our factory, where are sorted out and stored in tanks and barrels.

SORTING & SIZING PLANT: When the fermentation process is being completed into the underground tanks, the olives once more are delivered to the sorting and sizing plant in order to reach maximum level of size grading.

PITTING & STUFFING PLANT: At this stage, the fermented olives are either sliced, pitted or stuffed with several delicious stuffing as almond, garlic, pepper paste, natural red Florinis pepper, sun dried tomato, cheese, and other fillings.

OXIDATION PLANT: Olives are transferred to an independent area into the oxidation tanks, where they gain their characteristic black colour and their distinctive sweet taste.

PASTEURISATION PLANT: Olives are hygienically, packaged in either glass jars or cans. Our factory has 2 independent production lines either for glass production or cans, passing various inspection controls until their final packing destination.  

WAREHOUSE: Products are stored till they are loaded in trucks or containers to reach all destinations.



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